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How to run VNA Cal Kit Manager on the PNA network analyzer

The Agilent PNA series uses the Windows operating system, so VNA Cal Kit Manager software can be installed on it just like any other Windows computer.  You can even download a calibration kit definition from VNA Cal Kit Manager to the PNA application program, if you follow the procedure given here.

In the PNA's System menu, select Configure, then SICL/GPIB.  In the dialog box, check the box labeled SICL Enabled, and then OK the dialog.

In VNA Cal Kit Manager's GPIB menu, select GPIB Settings. In the dialog box, choose Agilent Technologies SICL, set GPIB Board Number to 7, and VNA GPIB Address to 16.  OK the dialog.

Note that you must repeat the Configure SICL/GPIB step each time after you power up the PNA - the settings are not permanent.

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